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Appliance for Well-Being Night pole and accessories

The Night Pole pack includes : a generator housing with harmonic board, a "sheet" transducer.
The sheet transducer is custom-made,  the exact dimensions of your mattress indicate below.
Product customization
A compass allows you to check the magnetic field polarity on your bed or on the transducer.
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Night Pole functions

Magnetic field North Pole

Main function of  Night Pole : Reproduce equivalently the magnetic field of the North magnetic Pole.
Natural magnetic field of exceptional quality is constant throughout your bed to help you have a restful sleep and protect you from ambient electromagnetic pollution (WIFI, mobile phone, microwave ... ).

Adjustable intensity

For more informations, <An innovative natural concept>, <How it works ?> .

Alpha and Delta Options

Program about an hour before swinging back to the North Pole magnetic field. It has been specially designed to assist you in falling asleep. You can choose one program Alpha, Delta alone, or Alpha-Delta.

Adjustable intensity and pace.

Alpha waves correspond to what is generated by the brain in sleep onset and Delta waves, what is generated by the brain in a state of deep sleep.
For more information, <How it works ?>.

Pulsed magnetic fields

Program about an hour before swinging back to the North Pole magnetic field.
Muscle spasms, tendonitis, rheumatism or chronic pain as lumbar back pain, osteoarthritis ... Night Pole offers this option will help to relieve you.

Frequency, rhythm and intensity adjustable as desired uses.

For more information, <How it works ?>.


Using Night Pole pulsed magnetic fields is contraindicated for those with an electro-implanted medical device (pacemaker, neurostimulator ...) or having undergone a transplant, as well as pregnant women. Holders of digital hearing aids must remove their hearing aids.

Using Night Pole should not suggest or require a stop for any medical treatment that the user might have. Always follow the advice of his doctor and never stop taking the medication or its medical treatment without his consent, and this even if the pain has disappeared.
  • Description : a generator housing (dimensions in cm: 12 x 27 x 21), a main transducer (custom-made ​​to the dimensions of your bed base or mattress), a second transducer (dimensions in cm: 72 x 52 x 4). + Compass.
  • Weight 13kg

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