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Night Pôle exhibits at Feel Well Show - Luxembourg
Close to fifty, I leisure sports that my body still accept to keep fit. Playing football with my son, I violently twisted ankle: a crack like a broken branch, a sharp pain to cry, my ankle was swollen immediately! Then a few hours, I had big feet like a balloon filled with water...
The doctor, the radiologist and the physio diagnosed me a serious sprain with joint effusion, "You're lucky that the foot was not broken! "Spider Monkey, crutches and became my daily lot.
My wife had met Philip and Madelyne, who proposed an innovative tool for welfare or well-being, based on electromagnetism. Out of curiosity, but especially anxious to heal as quickly as possible, I accepted that my wife shows me. Animated by a kindness that characterizes them, they have offered me following several tests. Surprisingly, in the first test of a duration of one hour, my ankle started to deflate, I found an unexpected mobility and my pain has decreased.
After this astonishing finding, we decided to buy a machine with Philip and Madelyne.
Decorated with some progressive exercise, the daily sessions then allowed me to find the pool first, and then later, back on my bike, and finally walk again. The doctor confirmed that under the initial state of my ankle, healing was particularly sharp and rapid, "You come a long way! "
Thierry, Roissy en Brie

"I use the equipment Pole Night for 3 years. I use it every night and it has greatly improved my sleep and allows me to be more fit.
Since I'm using it, I went back to cycling, which is vital for me.
I can also say that it has significantly improved the recovery through the small mat. Besides, after a fall, I was able to recover fairly quickly.
This equipment is very easy to use and I highly recommend it because its contribution is very beneficial in everyday life. "
Albert (80 years), Boulogne Billancourt (92)

 For some time I used Night Pole. I was pleasantly surprised by the result I found spectacular. Having back problems (low back pain) I realized from the first use my pain disappeared quickly, which was a relief. I also suffer from tendinitis to elbow, this inflammation occurred after soliciting my arm under my profession because I do repetitive movements. I note that this pain day after day and calm fades. Also, I happen to have insomnia, using Pole Night every night, I noticed a marked improvement, I feel much more calm and rested in the morning. I highly recommend this device, it is perfect and easy to use. For me it is as +++
Liliane, Lannion (22)

As pastry chef, I work in the cold (8 ° C) but also in cold rooms (up to -21 ° C). This brings me sinus problems, angina. I also had problems with asthma.
Since I use Night Pole (I sleep with every day), my general condition is much better. And as I staggered hours, it helps me sleep better and have a quality sleep. The problems that I have become very casual.
I am fully satisfied with this result and I can only continue
in this direction.
Sebastien, Roissy-en-Brie (77)

"Suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis for years (I have a prosthesis in the right shoulder for more than two years).
For more than a year, I began to suffer from the left knee. Pains, difficulties to walk and especially to go up staircases.
After the results of radios, it was envisaged the installation of a prosthesis.
My son then became known to me the device « NIGHT POLE » .
After several weeks of use, I noticed a gradual improvement and the pain is gone and I walk normally and hope it continues."
Michel. SAUMUR (49)

"We are very satisfied with NIGHT POLE that we use my wife and me for 16 months.
Since we use the constant field Pole Nord, we fall asleep more easily and more profoundly.
For my part, I get up less often at night ( pollakiurie).
With this recovery we are more in shape in our everyday lives.
We can thus make more activities especially since as for me, with the pulsed magnetic field, my back pains (lombarthrose) disappear in some uses and the crises are more and more rare.
When we move for several days, we take the small mat NIGHT POLE which is easy to transport to continue to take advantage benefits of the device."
Evelyne and Frédéric, ROISSY EN BRIE (77)

"Very useful for every person who has difficulty in falling asleep as me, because he allows in any sweetness, to feel carried and fall asleepwith great ease.
With NIGHT POLE, we have good nights thereby be fit tomorow. A good night is a guarantee of efficiency at work the next day for me.
I also noticed that I woke up less often at night, and that of the blow my nights were thus more complete and more restful.
I appreciate besides the speed to fall asleep again when we woke up."
Armando, JOUY-LE-CHATEL (49)

"It is a process that allows to sleep in a very natural way.
We never feel knocked out as when we take a sleeping drug or a medicine.
If we wake up during the night, what is rather rare, we fall asleep again immediately without badly and very quickly and very naturally.
It is not about a sleep forced as an anesthesia.
Besides it is a very repair sleep.
We have a sensation of well-being which lasts when we use it and it continues even when we stopped using it.
The well-being is indisputable and it at several levels: so mental as physical, and it gives a good shape to land then one working day."