Night Pole was exposed to Zen show Pole Night exposes to MIF show
 Salon Bien EtreNight Pôle expose au salon Naturabio
Night Pôle expose au salon Bien-être
Night Pôle exhibits at Feel Well Show - Luxembourg


The use of The device NIGHT POLE is dissuaded for the carrying persons carrying an electromedical implanted device (stimulating cardiac, neurostimulating, etc.) or having undergone a transplant as well as for the pregnant women.
The use of NIGHT POLE does not obviously have to suggest or impose a stop for any medical treatment which the user could have.
Still follow the advice of your doctor and never stop your grips of medicines or your medical treatments without its agreement and this even if your pains disappeared.

In the case of a use of NIGHT POLE in variable field, the carriers of digital hearing aids have to remove their hearing aid.