Night Pole was exposed to Zen show Pole Night exposes to MIF show
 Salon Bien EtreNight Pôle expose au salon Naturabio
Night Pôle expose au salon Bien-être
Night Pôle exhibits at Feel Well Show - Luxembourg

Waking up in great shape ... it's possible!

Stress, noise, shift work ... This is the night that your body repairs itself. We have designed for you Night Pole , a patented device in Europe and in India. Sleep better, find a well-being, stimulate the natural defenses of the body and the proper functioning of cells for a natural and effective response: smooth and progressive technology, Night Pole stimulates the body's ability to recover by itself.

How? Night Pole reproduces the equivalent natural field of the North magnetic Pole of the Earth on the entire surface of your bed, helping to give you a restful sleep.

The equipment also offers the "Delta waves" option, replicating the waves generated by the brain during deep sleep, the "Delta Harmonics" option and the "pulsed magnetic fields" option.

Thanks to a constant magnetic static field throughout the night, Night Pole also helps to fight against electromagnetic pollution (very high frequency waves generated by WiFi, mobile phone, microwave ...).

Night Pole has European approval CE since 2011.
Patents : FR2888983FR2948226, FR2948227, EP2454742WO2011007060,   In No. 1108/DELNP/2012

For more information, <How it works ?>, <Testimonies>.