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Night Pôle expose au salon Bien-être
Night Pôle exhibits at Feel Well Show - Luxembourg

The Night Pole pack includes :

  •      a generator housing
                              + a harmonic electronic board with the option NPP200
  •      a main transducer
  •      a second transducer

+,a compass, which allows you to check the north or south polarity magnetic field on your bed!

The generator housing

Designed in a modern design, it fits seamlessly into the décor of your room. On adjustable brightness for your comfort, it is connected to the transducer by a discrete cable.
Important : automatic switching to constant magnetic field (static) after one hour regardless of the chosen program.

Size: h 12 x 27 x l p 21 cm

Case of the magnetic field generator Night Pole SA9000

The main transducer - TRP100

Adapted to the size of your bed, it allows you to enjoy smooth, overnight, the benefits of Night Pole.

It sits right under your mattress. It is inserted into an envelope quality flax fiber washable (opening through autogrippantes closures, fabric patterns may vary according to your requests).
This equipment is compatible with all types of mattresses and bedding.

This progressive action that addresses the entire body helps to regain a state of well-being over the long term.

Intensity adjustable magnetic field of 0.12 Gauss to 1.2 Gauss (12 μT to 120 μT).
Adjust the intensity to 50% for the value of the magnetic field of the magnetic North Pole.

Size: to measure, to the specific dimensions of your bed, indicated by you (customization) in the portion of the order.

Placed between the mattress and box spring, the Main Transducer produces the same magnetic field at the North Magnetic Pole


The second transducer - TRP200

Smaller, it is easily transportable and generates a more intense positive magnetic field. It generated little heat and this heat input provides a significant additional extra.

It can be conveniently placed in a chair or sofa for example. It looks like a rectangular cushion 4 cm thick.

It can assist you in the day, a one-hour session, for example, in a chair.
Intensity adjustable magnetic field of 0.7 Gauss to 7 Gauss (70 μT to 0.7 mT)
Size: 72 x h l 52 cm (thickness: 4 cm)

The third Transducer - TRT304 (in addition to the order)
By the magnetic field it generates and its equivalent in size to that of the human body, this transducer provides valuable assistance for the proper functioning of the latter.
Intensity adjustable magnetic field of 2.2 Gauss to 22 Gauss (0.22 μT to 2.2 mT).