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A simple principle


During the night of sleep, the body is in a horizontal position, while the natural magnetic field reproduced by Night pole is vertical over the entire surface of the bed (the scope of the North Pole of the Earth is perfectly vertical).

In these special circumstances, the blood and lymph circulating in the body perpendicularly intersect the magnetic field lines, creating micro-currents maximized (compare this to that of a dynamo).

Throughout the night, these micro-currents stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph and nerve impulses, they enhance the chemical exchanges and promote the smooth functioning of cells.

This gentle and progressive technology also helps stimulate the so-called "nociceptive" cells, those that capture information "pain" and trigger the production of endorphins in the brain.

Night Pole aims to stimulate the mechanisms of regulation and defense of your body, as naturally as possible, non-invasively and without side effects.

Alpha and Delta Options

At the beginning of sleep, the brain generates alpha waves (frequency of about 12 Hz) and Delta waves (less than 4 Hz frequency).

Delta waves are the slowest frequency and higher amplitude. They bring a deep peace. It is during stages III and IV of deep sleep they are generated, along with the secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland (<For more info>) and somatropin pituitary hormone favorable growth in cell regeneration.

Stages III and IV are the most important phase of sleep. Their duration tends to decrease with age, overwork and stress.

Therefore Night Pole offers a "Delta" option to support deep sleep, with or without "Alpha" option, which accompanies the sleep program (about an hour before swinging back on the constant field North magnetic Pole).

Un bon sommeil

Harmonic Delta Option: This say NASA scientists
Thomas J. Goodwin & Ph. D. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

The frequencies of 2 Hz to 7 Hz used in the NASA experiment correspond to Theta and Delta frequencies.
The level of the magnetic field of these square waves is a little less than the Earth's magnetic field.<Physiological and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cell>
For these researchers, a weak magnetic field and persistent can make a measurable impact on the growth of neural fibers like Valentini had previously demonstrated.
In their report, they refer to "the work of Dr. R. Sandyk on multiple progressive degenerative sclerosis with a significant improvement in patents treated with the same magnetic field strength and intensity. "
They think that these signals can "moderate some neurodegenerative diseases and perhaps control the degeneration of tissues such as in the case of cessation of bioelectrical activity."
Option pulsed magnetic fields

Other optional equipment Night Pole. Pulsed magnetic fields are known for more than 40 years for their benefits. A large number of international scientific and medical studies have demonstrated their efficacy and absence of side effects.

For example, in 2004, Professor C.-F. Roques Toulouse University Hospital spoke of the effects of low-frequency pulsed fields, "skeletal healing effects in the field of pseudoarthroses, osteonecrosis of the hip," "effects promoting healing of skin ulcers of venous origin," "analgesic efficacy in musculoskeletal conditions: osteoarthritis of the knee, neck, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar radiculopathy, whiplash "...
<Physical Agents analgesics. Current clinical data> (see p. 568, 569).

Here are different types of pain that can be relieved by pulsed magnetic fields:

     contractures, recent fractures;
     nonunion, unreduced fractures;
     stiff neck, back, shoulders, aching ...

And potential benefits:

         Improved vitality and recovery for sports, sports training;
         anti-fatigue, anti-stress;
         cellulite improvement ;
         detoxification ...

In addition to helping to find a better sleep, Night Pole and offers help with your pain through different pulsed-field option. Several frequencies were selected: 25 Hz, 70 Hz and 250 Hz.

<Night Pôle Booklet Download>

Note: Using NIGHT POLE  in pulsed magnetic fields does not replace medical treatment. Always follow the advice of his doctor and never stop taking the medication or its medical treatment without his consent, and this even if the pain has disappeared.

Night Pole equipment based on an innovative concept and is an array promoting your well-being in everyday life