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A natural magnetic field of exceptional quality

This is the magnetic poles of the Earth as the Earth's magnetic flux reaches its maximum per unit horizontal surface. This vertical orientation flow is also powerful enough to deflect through belts Van Hallen located in the magnetosphere, the particles from the sun and cosmic rays <Nasa-Heliophysics>.

It is this constant magnetic static field of exceptional quality Night Pole reproduces equivalent over the entire surface of your bed: and when you sleep, its orientation does not vary, regardless of the disposition of the bed and the position in which you sleep there (horizontal of course!). Melatonin production is at its best whatever the horizontal movements that can be performed while you sleep <Search for body position during sleep>.

Night Pole and helps to create an optimal environment to help you sleep well and protects you from ambient electromagnetic pollution.

Action on the body as a whole
"Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, circulatory lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles," says Dr. Ulrich Warnke in Magnets To Overcome Pain. A New Healing Method.

The sensitivity of humans to Earth's magnetic field was explained by the researcher J. Kirschvink, who in 1992 <Magnetite biomineralization in the human brain
>, noted the very high concentration of magnetite crystals in the human brain, around 7 billion crystals...! This natural iron oxide is one million times more sensitive to electromagnetic fields than any other component of our body.

Note that in 1987, the World Health Organization published a study that found that the use of magnets (constant magnetic field) for therapeutic uses has no harmful effect on the human body.

The particularity of Night Pole is that it caters to the entire body throughout the night, with a modern design that has made a device adapted to cover the entire surface of your bed.

The pineal gland (or epiphysis)

This gland located at the back of the brain takes cue on light and is extremely sensitive to variations in the magnetic field seen by the brain. Researchers Reiter and Richardson <> thus found that horizontal rotation of only 5 degrees from the Earth's magnetic field was able to alter its metabolism.

This gland plays precisely the role of "internal clock" by secreting the hormone melatonin, which has a regulatory capital on different life roles:

     role of sleep in the elimination of norepinephrine;
     role in aging by destroying free radicals;
     regulation and modulation of the secretion of sex hormones;
     regulatory action on the immune system.

According to Reiter and Richardson, a reduction in the production of melatonin during the night may have major physiological consequences as "circadian rhythm disturbances, fatigue and lethargy, mood changes, endocrine dysfunction, immune deficiency, increased risk of cancer. "

The current electromagnetic pollution plays a negative role in this regard.

Adding that the pineal gland is most active in stages III and IV sleep. This is why the "Delta waves" option is a great advantage of Night Pole  <How it works ?>.