Night Pole was exposed to Zen show Pole Night exposes to MIF show
 Salon Bien EtreNight Pôle expose au salon Naturabio
Night Pôle expose au salon Bien-être
Night Pôle exhibits at Feel Well Show - Luxembourg
Your parcel shipment.

We make every effort to ensure efficient processing of orders. Packages are shipped within 4-5 working days after receipt of payment (time necessary for the custom-made main transducer).

The method of dispatch is the TNT delivery.
The shipment charges include the packaging, the handling and the TNT expenses.
They can contain a fixed part and a variable part according to the weight of your order. 
Your parcel is sent under TNT protection.

We shall supply you from the made sending, a link which will allow you to follow on-line the delivery of your parcel.

We recommend you to group your purchases in a unique order. We cannot group two different orders and you will have to settle postal charges for each of them.

A particular care is brought to the parcel which is oversized and protected.

GOOD TO KNOW ! If you want a hand delivery is possible in our premises in Roissy -en- Brie ( 77) France. For that, thank you let us know so that we can arrange an appointment.